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Onetyme is a mobile app design to connect you with family and friends in the event you get arrested or detained. Easy to setup and packed with all the tools and features needed to get you out of jail. Select a featured attorney and bail bond company or enter your own, choose your life lines and you're done. In the event you get arrested push Onetyme and instantly let your family and friends know your location, who your attorney and bail bond company are and how to get you home.

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We're a team of designers, developers, and marketing strategists. We're crazy about building apps that bring people and commerce together. Watch our patent pending technology work seamlessly with Onetyme mobile app to help people plan for the unexpected situation of getting arrested.

Our Philosophy and mission

We believe that most people are good law abiding citizens. We think that most people would rather not break the law; even if given the opportunity. For the exceptional times be it bad luck or bad judgment, when people get arrested we believe everyone deserves their day in court. At Onetyme our mission is to make the process of getting bailed out of jail and getting legal representation as painless and efficient as possible.

Onetyme has two simple goals:

1. Provide a straight forward approach to selecting an attorney and bail bond company before getting detained.

2. Provide a safe and quick method to notify family and friends that you got arrested and who to contact to get you out.

Our Service

Getting arrested is a mentally stressful situation for everyone involved from the person getting detained to the family and friend trying to get them out. Onetyme empowers people to plan for the unexpected situation of getting arrested. We provide a free mobile app that allows you to assemble your legal team and contact select family or friends to assist you when you need them most.

Onetyme is dedicated to sourcing and listing the best criminal attorneys and bail bond companies in our directory. We personally review and select attorneys based on a number of different criteria to ensure they are suited for our users. Our goal is to make the experience of getting arrested as stress free as possible by providing you with the resources needed to get you out with a push of a single button.

Investment Opportunity

As an investor and shareholder you'll have the opportunity to cast votes and decide what apps will be built, developed, and introduced to the mobile app world. We currently have 2 additional mobile applications in development for personal injury and immigration. For more information Contact Us.

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  • Press Release February 2014

  • Features

    GPS Locator

    Getting detained can happen anytime anywhere. Onetyme GPS identifies your location, date, and time of arrest.


    With a single push Onetyme can immediately relay your location and personal message to your attorney, bail bond co., and Life Line via text message and email.

    Personal Message

    Store your personal note in Onetyme for an unexpected emergency and have it automatically relayed to your Life Line, attorney and bail bonds company.

    Bail Bonds Listing

    Plan for the unexpected by planning ahead. Select a bail bond company from our Onetyme directory by name, zip code, or GPS location.

    Attorney Listing

    Have an attorney on hand and ready; when you need them most! Select an attorney from our Onetyme directory by name, zip code, or GPS location.

    Life Line

    When your freedom is in jeopardy, you'll need someone you can trust with your life. Your Life Line will coordinate your release, so choose wisely from your mobile contacts.


    • Q.What happens if I push the button and I don't get arrested?

      Onetyme has a 10 second countdown. If you accidentally push the button, press cancel before time is up.

      If you pushed the button and didn't get arrested, simply email your life lines and let them no it was a false alarm.

    • Q.How does Onetyme work?

      After downloading the app into your phone, setup the user profile, select an attorney and bail bond company from our directory or enter you own. Select the people you want contacted in the event you get arrested.

      Should you ever need to press Onetyme, the app will automatically email and text message your life lines. The email will contain your GPS location, date and time of arrest, personal message, and contact information for all life lines including the attorney and bail bond company.

    • Q. How much does it cost?

      Onetyme is free. There's no cost associated with pressing Onetyme. Any fees or costs associated with working with either attorney or bail bond company is between you and them.



    Version 1.0

    Released on March 13th, 2012
    • New Initial release for iOS and Android

    Version 2.0

    Released on January 10th, 2012
    • New Full iOS 6 compatibility
    • Fix Push notifications update
    • fix Various UI enhancements

    Version 2.3

    Released on November 5th, 2013
    • New Full iOS 7 compatibility
    • Fix Push notifications update & fixes
    • fix Various UI enhancements


    • "I knew that everything was going to be okay after I pressed Onetyme!"

      Jason M.
    • "My parents setup bail as soon as they found out I got arrested"

      Aimee S.
    • "The Onetyme GPS let my brother know where I was when I got arrested and he was able to pick up my car"

      David N.



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